Gilbert Lugo

Full-stack Developer

Santiago, Chile


Full stack developer focused on obtaining exceptional user experiences in the least amount of time, applying the best techniques, work ethic and encouraging a cooperative work environment.

Soft skills

Problem solving, leadership, collaboration, enthusiasm, responsibility, empathetic, adaptability.

Hard Skills

Back-end: NodeJS, Ruby, PHP
Front-end: AngularJS, React, Ionic, HTML5/CSS3
Databases: MySql, Postgres, MongoDB, Redis
Automated tests: Mocha, Jest, Sinon, Rspec, Cucumber, Testcafe...
CI/CD: GIT, Jenkins, Docker, Cloud Services

Latest experiences

Full-Stack Developer

Digital Factory - Falabella Finaciero

Sept 2018 - Present

  • Sales Finance customer journey Full-stack development for commerces in Chile and Colombia.

  • Successful development process, applying microservices structure, CI/CD standards, automated tests, under scrum methodology.

Lead Full-Stack Developer

Merlin Interactive

Jul 2010 - Sept 2018

  • Implementation of several projects with Ruby On Rails under TDD methodology.

  • Custom modular CMS with PHP/MongoDB under MVC Pattern to attend different projects and business areas.

Education / courses

1998 - 2003

University - degree in computing

Mar 2014

Online course - M101P: MongoDB for Developers

Apr 2014

Online course - M102: MongoDB for DBAs

Jun 2014

Online course - edX Verified Certificate for Engineering Software as a Service with RoR

Some projects

Sales Finance - Sodimac Colombia

Sales finance directly in store through experience in mobile device. Full-Stack development: NodeJS, AngularJS, Microservices CI/CD.

LAMAC Analytics

Business intelligence system for Lamac. Developed with Ruby on Rails under BDD and TDD methodology. Concept renewal through wireframes, development of calculation engine and several frontend and backend modules.

Discovery nutritional calculator v2

Nutritional assessment system for Discovery kids. Development Management and implementation of different modules. developed with Ruby On Rails under TDD methodology.

Website for Warner Channel in Latin America. Project management, development of schedules system, and several elements in both frontend and backend. Lastest version released in October 2014. First 100% responsive website of the industry in the region.